A commonly heard perception about the sport is that it is for seniors in whites. And we understand that. A more accurate description is that it is a unique sport that enables seniors to engage in a sporting activity that demands both physical and mental activity to appreciate the strategies of the game.

But much more than the perception of it being simply a seniors game, this is the real reality:

  • Many of the best lawn bowlers in the world are in their 20s or 30s and have been playing the game for more than ten years
  • At the world youth championship played in Australia in 2017, the female gold medal winner was a Canadian bowler
  • Canada regularly competes on the world stage in international competitions against other countries and two Canadian bowlers are in the top 15 male and female bowlers in the most competitive leagues in the world in Australia
  • There is very real opportunity for youth players to learn the game quickly and the prospects to compete in provincial competitions that lead to the annual Canadian championship where the winners compete on the world stage
  • Youth are not competing against thousands of other individuals in the sport. If you are serious, with ambition, then there is the real possibility of competing with at least the best bowlers in Canada

The pictures here feature Jett Simmons, a seven year old bowler, and Jordan Kos from Saskatchewan. Jordan is now 17; to read more about her success bowling in Regina and representing Canada on the international stage, most recently in 2017.