COVID-19: Willowdale LBC is taking entries for the 2021 tournament season

Be aware that there will be a possibility, that one out of the three games, in the tournament will be played on the Carpet, depending on the condition of the greens. Click on button below for schedules of the tournaments, however we will be bound by both the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto COVID restrictions and guidelines.  If the conditions allow us to bowl and there are no tournament restrictions, we will carry on as planned. The safety of our members and visitors is our number one priority.  We will keep you updated.

All tournament entry fee will be $20.00 per player, except for the Sunday September 26th Open Novice Pairs, which will be $10.00 per player and The Kane Tournament, where lunch is included, the entry fee will be $30.00 per player.


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2021 Member Registration

Hurray … Finally outdoor sport is allowed to re-open. Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club is going to open on June 15th, 2021 Tue. Please click button below to complete Membership Form and Waiver. 

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In Step 1 Reopening, members please reserve your playing session in advance from SignUp Genius website.

Please do not just show up and expect to play.

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COVID-19 Vaccination News From Councillor John Filion

It is expected that, as the supply increases, vaccinations will be provided in hospitals, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and in at least nine locations provided by the city. One of these, fortunately, is in Willowdale at Mitchell Field Community Centre…

Our Club

Welcome to Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club. The Club is a unique three green facility, with a large clubhouse that supports a vibrant membership who represent a diverse population in age and from many countries around the world. We’ve hosted two recent Canadian National Championships (2011 and 2015) and regularly run club and Ontario tournaments at all levels.

The facility is open seven days a week and our artificial green extends the summer bowling season by at least two months. We have a regular schedule of games at various levels from gentle social to various club levels to more competitive. You’re welcome to create your own games, to practice, and to bring friends and family to try out this wonderful activity that engages people and offers healthy benefits to all ages. If you are a youth, a family, or senior, then we have the opportunity for you to play with peers or mix, as you wish.

Besides supporting club membership, we are open to small and large businesses who are looking for corporate fun days or to hold offsite business meetings, with the opportunity to have fun in the same environment. Our clubhouse has modern technology, including internet and a large Smart TV that is available for presentations and enables you to stay connected. Check out the Corporate Fun Days page for more information.

If you’re new to bowls, then a great place to start is our Introduction page. We have a trial membership program that offers free coaching. If you join the club or are an existing member, then we have more advanced coaching programs that offer you the opportunity to advance your game.

If you’re an existing or returning bowler, then head over to the options under the ‘For Bowlers’ header to learn more.

Check out our other web pages. We will be providing updates as the season progresses.


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