Social Family Club

Lawn bowls can be played by kids as young as 10 (sometimes even younger) and seniors as old as 90+ who have some light degree of fitness. Because of the nature of the game, it offers the opportunity to socialise during play: to meet new and existing friends, play with your siblings, your parents, your children, your grandparents, your grandchildren. Whether you are a youth or senior, somewhere in between, you can all play a friendly or competitive game on the same green with an equal opportunity to win. It’s probably a unique game in that respect.

Many bowlers in Ontario and throughout the world have introduced their children to the game, and many grandparents have played with their grandkids. Some of these teams have reached and won national bowls championships in Canada. What other sport offers this opportunity?

At the club, we have designated days for various club games where individuals are drawn in teams to play a game at various levels. It’s an opportunity to play with similar skilled players or to play with others more experienced who will be happy to offer guidance. Alternatively, youth can organise games and play together and members can have their own games at any time. Where else can so many different groups play on the same surface at the same time and share the same opportunity?