Information For New Members

Why Lawn Bowling?

Lawn Bowling provides opportunities to:

  • have fun and develop new skills
  • increase fitness by walking, bending, lifting, throwing
  • make new friends and have another social activity
  • play as a member of a team
  • compete at various levels and win awards
  • participate in a fun sport with a spouse or partner
  • become involved in a low cost recreational activity

Bowl Characteristics

Lawn bowls are made from a very hard synthetic material and are elliptical in shape. They come in different sizes and weights to suit different size hands. The bowls have a built in bias, which prevents them from running straight except when thrown very hard. They also come in many different colours. New bowlers are allowed to use club bowls free of charge for the first year.


Before deciding whether or not to join the club, potential new members receive free training from experienced bowlers. Normally, three coaching sessions are required. Excellent resource information about the sport is also made available and each new member is assigned a “Buddy” to help in becoming integrated into club activities.

Become A Player

Come to Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club Open House on 7th May, 2018 7-9 PM

Membership Fee for 2018:

Regular member $145
Junior member (< 16 yrs) $35
Junior member (16-24 yrs) $50
Social member $10

Complete the Application Form and bring to the clubhouse on 7th May with payment or call the Club to arrange an alternate date/time.

Executive Committee


Gordon Jones

Vice President

Graham Wilkinson


Remus Tsang


Nancy Fish

Games Chair

Hossein Zhian

Assistant Games Chair


Greens Chair

Tim Irvine

Open Games-Men/Mixed

Unky Zangwill

Assistant Open Games - Men/Mixed

Jack Siboni

Open Games - Women

Zee Jones

Assistant Open Games - Women

Jack Siboni


Susan Leong

Coaching Chair

Mervyn Horn

Property Chair

Dave Clark

Publicity and Marketing

William Sze

Club Relations

Susan Leong

Executive Secretary

Martin Furman

Past President

Zee Jones