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You may never have seen the game. Or you may think that it’s simply a pastime played by seniors in whites. Well, let’s introduce you to the reality:

Ok, still curious to learn more or to check us out? Let’s tell you a little more…

First, Lawn Bowls is an official sport and is played across the world by players in 54 different countries. It has been a ‘core sport’ played at the Commonwealth Games since 1930 and the IOC will be giving future consideration to include the sport in the summer Olympic games. There are separate international and world championships held on a regular basis between players of competing countries, including Canada.

Lawn Bowls is a unique game. It is a low-impact sport, available to people of all ages (typically early teens to seniors more than 90). It can be played at a social or competitive level, where young children can compete equally against grandparents and male and female bowlers compete against each other or on mixed teams. Many bowlers of different ages have found best friends in the sport through the very special social aspect, during and after the game.

At the competitive level, there are tournaments at many of the 120+ clubs in Ontario during the summer months. On any given day of the week there are tournaments at different venues. There are separate competitions that lead to provincial winners who subsequently represent Ontario at the national championships on an annual basis.

At the Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club, we have current members who have won provincial and medaled at national championships in 2017 and recent years. Whether you would like to simply make new friends, engage in gentle exercise or perhaps have aspirations to play in local and bigger or at least national championships, then there are opportunities at our club to start you on your own path.