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Schedules for 2022 Open Tournaments


IMPORTANT: The individuals MUST declare they are fully vaccinated, as per the Province of Ontario and the Country of Canada standards.

Schedules may subject to change depends on any restrictions from City of Toronto and OLBA due to COVID-19. Please sign up online NOW while entries are still available. Once received your online registration, Jack Siboni or Unky Zangwill will contact you:


For Others In-Club Leagues And Tournaments Registration, Please Contact Jack Siboni:





Be a Buddy for a New Bowler

As a Buddy for a New Bowler, you are a sort of informal ambassador for our Club and for the sport of bowls, generally. It is not at all necessary to be an expert bowler yourself.

The Buddy’s role is to act as a social and practical resource to a New Bowler during his or her first year of membership, helping to establish a positive relation between the New Bowler and our Club.

You will offer encouragement and help orient the New Bowler. You will introduce the New Bowler to other members, perhaps offer to bowl with him or her from time to time. You will explain how the Club works, such as what different sorts of activities we have, leagues, Holiday events, etiquette, how to sign-up, how to be a “spare”, where to find things, how to buy used bowls, how he or she can get questions answered if you don’t know the answer yourself.

You will take the initiative to have semi-regular personal contacts with the New Bowler during their first year, in a way that makes sense for the both of you.

And you will know that you have been successful, when your New Bowler renews their club membership for the following year.

Buddy is encouraged to invite new member to play in President Club tournament with you.

Want To Be A Buddy For New Bowler, Please Contact Marilyn Gazey:





Training Video

Australian Bowls’ Coach Lachlan Tighe and his elite Elbows training squad completed a lawn bowls training video series in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 to illustrate Tighe’s unique coaching methods. We think you will get a lot out of it and hope you will give it a watch.