Like any sport, your ability to play well depends on the effort that you are prepared to invest in yourself. Initial development requires an understanding fundamental basics and the rules of the sport. Improving your game subsequently depends on practice and acquiring greater skills and understanding.

You may only be interested in playing bowls socially to meet and spend time with friends or family or other club members. You can acquire those skills in a very short time period. If you have an appetite and aspirations to learn and play the game at a higher level, then this is truly possible in a sport that is very easy to learn. Whatever your level of interest, we have an experienced coaching team who are available to help you improve your game.

Coaching at the club covers the following types of bowler:

  • New bowler. The trial membership program offers coaching on at least a weekly basis. In this time you will learn more than just the fundamental basics of the game and rules. Besides club attendance and activities we will provide sources to information that will enable you to learn more about the game.
  • Experienced bowler. Whether you are out of the trial membership program or have bowled longer, then we’ve got you covered. Our senior coaches can help you fix any issues you have with delivering a bowl, how to prepare mentally and physically for a game or shot, how to learn advanced strategies, learning more about team dynamics, improving your understanding of the laws of the game, helping you understand or prepare for games at a tournament or provincial level.

Beyond club coaching, the provincial association (OLBA) provides a number of coaching days during the year that offer sessions, including High Performance Development, designed for bowlers seeking to play at the national level.